Friday, April 20, 2007

For C.M -- An American Poem

She died from alcohol poisoning
on a train
going nowhere from somewhere
wanted by all
loved by no one
Only her dog howled for her somewhere in Maine
The dog knew --
the time for enduring pain
The modern-day Delilah
will no longer hover
over the phantoms
of hollow men
and pretend that they are Samson.
She will no longer make
these hollow men
into phantoms
untill they can
no longer stand the weight of her ghost
and run
for something more objectified.
Something easier to handle and grab.
Stab the illusion!
they would wail as she counted losses.
One -- gone
Two -- gone
Three -- gone
And so on.
Until it's over and done.
A blanketed body
on a train car
and conductor muttering:
She didn't call or scream.
Just this wrinkled note:
If I drown tonight,
Look for me upstream....


Gennady said...

I like this one. I like your poetry in general... I even looked for it in the Internet.

Yana Djin said...

Thank you.