Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nightmare or the Past

i thought of you
as they took their shot
at me
i thought of you touching me

i screamed
look at that horse
you covered my eyes with your hands and said
it’s only getting worse

cover your eyes, baby
cover your face
wipe that grin off your face
kill that craze

i thought of you
as they tried to shove
indifference into
me instead of love
i thought of banal rhymes
as i took my breath
you're the only man
who didn’t make me less
who never ever used force
i said, look at that horse

the horse was led
it was not white
the color of lead
the muscles the veins
the pain this life
with a lowered head
you face the crime
with eyes tight shut
with fists clenched
with teeth clutched
look at the henchmen

I thought of you
as they sliced his throat
free and dead
his body floated
into the night
violent cruel
soft red mouth
foam drooling
my head on his neck
his blood on my skin
yellow eye moist
inhale this sin

who are you, tell me
where have you gone?
no one
no one
he is your love
that you never did
you wounded whore
the one that kissed
and caressed your core
but he is gone
he was never here
you monster
you bitch
cry cry that tear’
made of the dead
their ashes inside
eating you
gnawing you
with a birds sharp bill
cry the blood and the salt
of your meat
you will

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Gennady said...

The second poem of Yana sounds a little bit comic for me...