Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Addiction Haiku or Franny and Zooey

I sobered up, i faced my misery.
Leonard Cohen

To Ilo, my cousin
They tell me you're not well.
That I should call.
And what do i say?
...things you already know.
Is it going to get better?
No. Yes. May be...
Does it matter?
Acccumulating loss
is vulgar like
scraping for gain.
So live...
for no reason..
just because.
and when the demons
roam free
life will be there
all out and ready --
like a branch of
a blue vein
on the extended arm.
Brother, don't beat a dead horse.
It's already been done.
Let it all go.
But first -- your mind.
And there you will find
what we could never see --
the escape --
in everyone and none.

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Anonymous said...

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