Thursday, April 16, 2009

Simple Song

little girl, did your boy leave?
or did your cat die?
why this grief?
little girl, wipe your eye.

yes, my boy, he left me
and the cat, he died.
and all that i have now
are these tears that i cried.

little girl, there'll be another boy
and your cat, he's a star now.
little girl, look -- a green meadow!
little girl, look -- a brown cow!

and the girl wiped her eyes
and looked out where the sun
sent indifferent rays --
yellow with chrome.

little girl, hold me, please
i will cry now a bit
for the boy that i lost
who only knew how to quit

and i will cry for my cat
may he never have fears.
little girl, all we have
are these transparent tears.


Laurie said...

Great poetry. Keep at it!

Yana Djin said...

thank you, Laurie