Monday, June 29, 2009


what do you want?
i want love.
bit. light. and real.

some falls
liquid and secret.
some loves
small, dark.
if you crash, then give it your all --
so there's nothing left but your soul
immaculate and ripped --
like the ripples in the sun.
all these years of living below the waist
but never really crossing the line
left me wasted as i predicted.
now living above the neck --
frozen passion
at times a feeling of lack.
and you say:
what you need is to go to the desert
howl like a beast.
let out a scream.
and find a new dream,
a new spark.


i think i've had enough.
some loves along the road
small and dark

in fact, i'll call it a night....
while waiting for the one :
big and light.

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