Sunday, January 31, 2010


it was in the dark room
empty and dark.
that my heart stood erect
and immobile like a stork.
and as i held myself to be immune
to love. it came upon me
like the summer storm.
i remember the day we met in may
but i never thought
that what god giveth
he then takes away.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A statue with no hands of feet
A torso in the air
So, what's the use of all this meat
If love came by so rarely?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Monologue of Death

Your colorless eyes
Your pitchless voice
Your daily crimes
Your nightly losses
Your dark red pain
Your light blue dreams
Your razor-sharp brain
And all of your screams
Your selfish love
Your useless lust
Your life that's pouring
down all the drains fast
Like the blood of a suicide
in a gray, cold tub.
Your thoughts -- are a dismemebered
body of a caught seacrab.
Give it all to me
Give it all to the bone.
I am here to say
That you are not too alone
Raise your head
Look into the night
In its worn-out canvass
See the line of light
I have weathered you out
And I tested your soul
You were immune to doubt
But i did leave a hole
As big as this world
in your little torn heart
You can go now you're free
There will be no more hurt.



Mother, I've lost my mind.
Father, I've shot my brain.
Brother, my eyes are blind.
Sister, is your name Cain?

Someone! I dream of steppes.
Open and white with snow.
Noone! with every step
Clearer is the vulgar NO!

Hey! Almighty! Pour me a drink!
and make it strong and bitter!
Watch me gulp it without winking,
And then collect me like litter.


This country pisses on words
From skyscrapers of steel
Treats them like worn-out whores
without johns to deal with.

Wear the mask of an old cunt
indifferent, loose and raw
If you think of coming here: DONT!
unless you discard the word: AWE

Lose redemption and learn to clench
your essence, your scream in a fist.
Or else: run out into the street
and blow your brains in the morning mist.