Friday, January 29, 2010

Monologue of Death

Your colorless eyes
Your pitchless voice
Your daily crimes
Your nightly losses
Your dark red pain
Your light blue dreams
Your razor-sharp brain
And all of your screams
Your selfish love
Your useless lust
Your life that's pouring
down all the drains fast
Like the blood of a suicide
in a gray, cold tub.
Your thoughts -- are a dismemebered
body of a caught seacrab.
Give it all to me
Give it all to the bone.
I am here to say
That you are not too alone
Raise your head
Look into the night
In its worn-out canvass
See the line of light
I have weathered you out
And I tested your soul
You were immune to doubt
But i did leave a hole
As big as this world
in your little torn heart
You can go now you're free
There will be no more hurt.

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