Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brooklyn Ballad

for Vadim K.

You were shooting it up on Avenue Z
and blood would squirt.
Outside sparrows and gulls
pecked the dirt.

Their light and faithful hearts
tore off from the street.
While yours --red and heavy melt into mud
or slowed into sleet.

In your worn-out armchair --
pale and thin
you listened to Joplin.
Lokiing half way beetween fallen god
or a goblin.

Demons squeezed into your veins
hissing of love.
Possessed -- you spoke of crime and Cain
like the young Kirilov.*

Your ashes roam on Sheepshead Bay
above the waters.
Sparrows and gulls live day to day.
They never faulter.

* Kirilov -- character from Doestoevsky's novel The Possessed

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