Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Primitive Song of Life

Life, aoulidi, is strange
the day goes by
and another comes.
Today and tomorrow.
Today and tomorrow.
It's not the pain or sorrow
but nothing and time
and we wait it out.
Because what else is there?
And when doubt
crawls like shaitan-snake
and says: WHAT IF?
we pick up the fat kif
and inhale.
And then life disappears...
sweet, short and whole
this life of ours
so full of holes.

Life, adoni, is strange
and it can get long.
The Lord does as he pleases
and the Lord knows best.
I just sit here like the rest
and sing one-worded song
monotonous, like the life of a dog.
Today and tomorrow.
Today and tomorrow.
And the smoke of kif
caresses my sorrow.

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