Saturday, June 26, 2010

Song of Unrequited Love Played to Arabic Music

A long time passed
and he didn't come back.
Today and tomorrow...
today and tomorrow...
I was so full of pain
i could cry for one hundred years...
day after day
he was deaf
his ears
would hear only things
that he liked.
And he would walk the ground
like a blind preacher
who doubts his step and belief.
As I grieved
he would write: SMILE
and to my sorrow
He made holes in my heart
the size of large coins
and my mind became a desert.
I couldn't reawaken his soul.
He never said the word LOVE --
only LIKE.
And I thought: what a waste
What a greedy heart
with no use!
It needs to die!
And I KILLED him.
That's the truth.
I do not lie.


David said...


Anonymous said...

Believe me when I tell you that nobody was killed here! The trouble with Will is that you only have freedom to choose god. Because choosing death isn't much of a choice! So don't be fooled by the cleverness of the inner voice. It's often a liar.
I speak and who listened? Love usually follows like! Stop by, say hello... show up! Too much trouble! It would have been work. I would have been work! I would have been boring in a week? No.... real relationships are a lifetime of work without the intellectual bit. "who are intellectuals but men who cheat on their wives" ...

sorry, just needed to say that! miss ya face...