Thursday, January 27, 2011


...the wars --they'll be fought again
the holy dove -- she will be caught again...
leonard cohen

For Alex Smith

It's been a while....
life without you has been hard.
Merciless. Sober.
Even the bottles don't help.
This is not a yelp of a lost dog,
nor a cry into the tender night.
The fog,
the indifferent fog protects me from clarity:
from the precision of knowing
that the light
is only going to illuminate the lack,
the edges of loss -
eveyone's future -- is the cross.

... and everyone's burden is the truth
for which you no longer care with age
simply because it doesn't exist.
The least
one can do is bear the lie
and have the decency to pluck out the eye
at the first sign of retreat
from the illusion which enables us to treat
love as something real.
As somethiing worth shit.

This land and its sky doesn't shelter.
The moon sneaks throught the fog,
bares its face.
Then it withdraws in awe even farther.
I sit here speak with you, Father.

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